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In this trouble I have not begun extra Parisian shopping bargains



and discoveries in keep for the readers of paris-eiffel-tower-news.Com: dressmaker leather and furs direct from the producer’s workshop, great crystal and a few wine-tasting periods from one of the most reputed Parisian wine cellars! Visit:>>> บาคาร่าเครดิตฟรี


Parisian fashion designer leather-based & fur – direct from the manufacturers!


I could not agree with my success when, wandering through the Rue de Paradis looking for but greater shopping bargains for the readers of paris-eiffel-tower-information.Com, I spotted the workshop exhibition of Jekel. Since 1947, Jekel has been bringing French style realize-the way to clothier leather-based and fur.


I know fur isn’t always the maximum popular item inside the United States, and it is a good deal less worn in Europe than inside the 1920-50s. The art of designing fur coats and accessories is quick disappearing, a less than 100 craftsmen remain in interest in Paris. Finding fur clothing may additionally soon be as tough as finding a actual Rembrandt in an attic.


I met with the owner of Jekel, Sylvain Jekel himself who explained that his workshop creates and sells one of a kind dressmaker leather fashions, and fur apparel and add-ons.


Jekel distribute their items across the world to geared up-to-wear names and pleasant shops along with Galeries Lafayette, Sonya Rykiel, Darel, Apostrophe, etc. The workshop is located at No. 22 Rue de Paradis.


The equipped-to-put on apparel to be had off the rack is not tailor-made, however Sabrina, the lovely assistant I met, showed that Jekel may want to modify objects on the spot for you (and certainly, she turned into busily including a button for a purchaser as we were speakme).


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