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The Vivo X60 is the flagship of Google’s smartphone line. As such, it comes with a number of useful features. It is also available with additional accessories such as a large battery, heart rate monitor, a screen protector, and an expanded memory card. If you want to buy the best smartphone available in the market today, this is the phone you should consider.

As far as the camera are concerned, the Vivo X60 from Google packs a 48-apixel primary cam with an optical zoom lens; a 12-MP front shooter with no flash, and an 8-megapixels camcorder lens. The main camera setup includes autofocus, image stabilization, panoramic images, video recording, and HD recording modes. The secondary camera is also featured with manual controls, although you cannot use it to take HD videos. The second camera also features OIS, a special mode that works in low light conditions. The backside camera has a very wide field of view (FOV) which is great if you intend to photograph high resolution outdoor scenes. vivo x60

The front facing camera on the Vivo X60 is just as impressive. It features a two-tone LCD screen which displays the images seen through the lens. It also offers a high contrast ratio for photos and videos. This characteristic allows the Vivo X60 to take pictures and videos with clarity and vibrancy. On the contrary, the iPhone 5s has a much smaller LCD panel. It’s also noticeable that the Vivo X60 has a clearer screen than iPhone 5s even when the latter is at its most natural colour.

There are many other features packed into the phones such as built-in Bluetooth and WiFi support. They are very useful additions especially if you want to stay connected to the office even when you are on the go. The WiFi functions of both phones support networks like GSM and CDMA. In fact, the iPhone has a single GSM frequency and the Vivo X60 has two.

When comparing these two gadgets, you will see that they are almost similar in terms of features. Both phones have many pre-installed native Android applications which can be used on the phones. You can also download apps for Gmail, Google Maps, Google Talk, and much more.

To conclude, the iPhone and the Vivo X60 are phones that are perfect for individuals who love to keep up with the latest news. Both phones are also highly efficient in terms of communication which makes them ideal for business people and professionals. However, you should not buy these phones based only on their looks. You should consider more important factors such as their performance and user friendliness. If you think these features are important for your phone needs, then it would be better for you to buy the iPhone since it is more stylish and more efficient in terms of performance.

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